Member of Zuhrah Shrine
Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine

"We Ride So They Can Walk"
"We Ride So They Can Walk"
We are the Birak Kar Kor, part of the Birak Shrine Club. We are in our 28th year, and on our third set of go carts. We have approximately 30 members in our group of go cart drivers. We participate in 20 or more parades in the Otter Tail Lakes Area each summer. Click to enlarge any picture in the photo gallery below. To find us performing in a town near you click the parade schedule link.
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BIRAK KAR-KOR REG. MEETING   4-20-2016    
The Kar-Kor mtg. at the Masonic Lodge basement was called to order by Pres. Bob Polzine at 7 p.m. with the following member present, Ron W, Russ D, Jim F, Gary A, Jon A, Arlyn H. Dave D, Jon T,  Jeff S, Dustin W, Al H and Stan F.  Sec.Secretary’s report:  The secretary” s report was approved as printed.
Treasurer’s report:   M. Stan F. 2nd Dave D.  approved as given. Bills:  Lakeside Upholstery, J K Sports, B.L.S., Tree of HopeChristmas Party [flowers], Al H. Prizes, Shriners Hosp. memorial Bill Larson, Eagles installation, B.L.S. [brakes & gas], Zuhrah Potentates ball table, Mn. Dept. Tran. [ lic.], VFW Christmas dinner , Bar, deposited from dinner, Legion [dinner], M. Dave D. 2nd  Arlyn H. appoved to pay.
Committee reports:   Membership, 27 nobles to date.
Maintenance:  New white enclosed tlr, no graphics, it is to be used for Golf cart trans. And Circus ticket sales at the Circus. M. Dustin W. 2nd Ron W. app. Cost to be split between Kar- Kor and Circus. M. Dave D. 2nd Jim F. app. To sell the old Golf cart tlr. To Russ Duncan.Old business:  Guardians prom party, done at the April 4th mtg. M. Dave D. 2nd Jim F. app. To give a scholarship. M. Jim F. 2nd Ron W. app. To give to Cornerstone Lodge for the Hospice bus. M. Dave D. 2nd Al H. to give to Cornerstone Lodge for the Battle Lake Run/Walk for registration. App.
Yellow Kar-kor decal to be put on Kar-Kor tlr. As per Bob P.  Al H. will take care of this.
New maintenance Comm. Dustin W., Dave D. and Jeff S. It was discussed to use B.L.S.  as much as possible.   
Work night to be decided. June 4th set for a practice night if needed. Al H. resigned from the milk fund comm. Russ D. will take this over.Misc. items:  Al H. has a inventory of this, PINS, JACKETS, SHIRTS, CAPS,BOLO’S AND Fez cases.
New business:   Parade schedule is on the web site, Russ D . discusses the schedule. First parade June 11th at Fergus Falls. M.Russ D 2nd Ron W . APP. That the Kar-Kor be present at the Parade of Units to be held June 12th at the Zuhrah Shrine TEMPLE.M Dave D. 2nd Russ D. APP.  That the Kar-Kor skip the summer Midwest at Marquette, Mich.Adjourned  8:25 p.m.Stan F. Sec.